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Our Santa Barbara baby sleep trainer will support you every step of the way

If you’re looking for a sleep training program that will help you get back to sleep soundly, you’ve come to the right place. Every baby is different, and that means every sleep training program must be too. Books and online programs can only get you so far - what you really need is custom, in-home help if you want to get your family’s sleep routine back on track. 



  • Detailed Assessment + Getting to Know You

The first step in helping you and your family sleep is getting to know all the details about your baby, your family, and you. Our first step is an assessment call, where we’ll confirm whether we’re the right choice to work with you. Next, is our detailed intake form that you’ll fill out before we stay with you so that we have as much information as possible the minute we arrive. We’ll then schedule a time to come to your home so we can see what’s working and what’s not. We’ll identify obstacles, and start planning for your in-home help in the Seattle area.

  • Your In-Home Supported Sleep Training + Customized Action Plan

Next, we’ll arrange to come to your home and help you sleep train your baby. Our packages vary, but typically a sleep coach will be in your home for 48-72 hours. And, yes, you’ll get to sleep while we’re there! During our stay, we’ll be looking at your baby’s sleep patterns, habits, and personality, while also taking into account your baby’s developmental stage and age. Then, we’ll create a custom plan designed to get your baby sleeping through the night. The best part is that we’ll be there with you every step of the way, implementing the plan while we’re there.

  • Implementation + Extended Support

After your in-home training, you’ll still have access to your sleep coach to answer questions, get advice, and any additional help you need. We know that sleep training babies takes time, and that’s why you’ll get 4 weeks of support when you work with us as your Santa Barbara Sleep Trainer. You’ll get coaching calls, plus have access to email support. When we leave your home your baby will be sleep trained, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way. That’s what these extra weeks of support are for! We’re an open book and will make sure you have all the info and support you need to rest easy again.

Basic Sleep Training Program

  • Perfect for minor changes and families who have sleep trained other children
  • 48 Hours In-Home Support
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

SB Classic Sleep Training Program

  • Our most comprehensive option, ensuring the highest level of success- this is ideal for new parents who want a little extra support after their baby is sleep trained.
  • 72 Hours In-Home Support
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Toddler Sleep Training Program

  • For toddlers in beds, this offering will teach your child to fall asleep independently, and stay in bed until morning.
  • 3 Nights In-Home Support
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Ready to find out how we can help your family sleep soundly?


"It's not that there is anything magic here. It's just that you're so calm that I can trust the process and know we're on the right track." N, mom of a 4 month old

the 5 key elements

of the mommywise method


While we know that every family is unique and will have their own needs, we do believe these five elements are the pillars for a positive sleep training experience:

#1: Confidence

If you’ve started your sleep training journey with books or online programs, you’re probably experiencing mixed feelings. Will what you’re doing actually work? Will your baby respond to the training? If not, what are your options? The problem is that when you’re feeling any type of anxiety, your baby can pick up on this energy. Which, as you can probably guess, means your baby won’t sleep as soundly. We help you gain confidence during the sleep training process so that you’re able to pass that confident feeling onto your baby, which means a happier and more successful sleep training experience.

#2: Communication: Changing Sleep Routines

Teaching your baby to fall asleep independently is at the heart of sleep training. We know that your baby has gotten into a routine, which means that in order to successfully change his or her sleep patterns, we need to identify and change that routine. For example, perhaps your baby has learned to fall asleep in your arms while feeding. If this is the case, it will be hard (without help) to change that routine to get your baby to sleep alone. The good news is that we are able to help you through this entire process. We’ll identify your baby’s sleep associations and routines, plus help you navigate changing those routines successfully.

#3: Minimize Crying with our Co-created Plans

When it comes to sleep training, there will be tears in the beginning, and that’s normal. We completely understand that you don’t want to cause your baby undue stress. We also understand that for many parents, the idea of just letting your baby “cry it out” isn’t an option they are comfortable with. While it isn’t possible to eliminate tears completely, we can help to minimize them with a plan created just for (and with) you. Sleep training may include a few tears along the way, but that doesn't mean it can’t be a smooth and successful process too.

#4: Genuine needs vs. learned behaviors

When your baby cries, it’s natural to want to respond. It’s also difficult to know whether your baby is crying because of a true need or a learned habit until your baby learns to sleep through the night. We understand how you feel. As a parent, you want to make sure there isn’t an unmet need associated with the crying - a wet diaper, hunger, or perhaps needing help to roll over. Of course, sometimes when a baby cries in the middle of the night it’s because he or she has learned that you will come, despite the fact that they don’t have a necessary issue that needs your attention. The great news is that after your baby is sleep trained you will know when there is a true need that you should respond to. Not only will you understand your baby’s needs now, but you’ll also have the tools to understand how those needs will change as your baby reaches the toddler years and beyond.

#5: Be fully prepared with unlimited support

While our sleep training methods are guaranteed to work, that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way or experience setbacks here and there. For example, perhaps your baby gets sick, or changes sleep patterns when a new tooth is growing in. While it’s normal to feel like these changes are failures, we’re here to tell you they aren’t! It’s normal and expected to come across these little obstacles, and that’s why you’ll get four weeks of unlimited support from your sleep coach after your in-home program is over. You can ask us questions, get advice on sleep disruptions or developmental changes, or just have someone to bounce ideas off of. We want you to be completely confident that you can get back on track and get your baby sleeping.

Living Life - an added bonus!

Sleep goals are great, but we help you also set additional goals so that your family is connected and fulfilled. Whether you feel the need to reconnect with your partner, spend time with family outside the home, or perhaps start a new fitness routine, we’re here to help you set those goals and make it happen. We’re in the business of helping families thrive and the sky's the limit when your sleep needs are being met!

Are you ready for your family to live to their fullest potential?