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My wife and I were really unsure how we felt about the whole 'sleep training thing'. As things went from bad to worse though, we decided we would at least do some research and look into who out there could help us ensure that if we did it, we did it right. We dug through countless sites on the internet, and Tiffany's really stood out to us. Her website, and the way she presented her approach seemed far more thoughtful than anybody else out there. After talking with her, we were convinced of that thoughtful approach, and decided that if we were to move forward with sleep training and work with anybody, it would be with her. Thankfully, she was incredibly patient with us as we continued to be uncertain about whether we actually wanted to move forward, and all the while she continued to answer any questions we had about the process. After actually having her come in and go through things with us, I can say that I'm definitely a believer in sleep training and wish we had done it sooner (I truly don't believe it has any negative effects). Working with her was the best money we've spent.

***Our son is sleeping like a champ***,

and we never would have gotten there without her. She's also continued to be incredibly helpful in follow up calls - trouble shooting small issues that have arisen over time as our son has gone through various developmental leaps. Highly recommend working with her.- Salil and Jen

I could not recommend Tiffany enough to have come and support you during sleep training. I went from co-sleeping with my 10 month old and waking up every hour or so to nurse him back to sleep to sleeping through the night in just a matter of a few days.

I was way more exhausted than I even realized, but so scared from trying to sleep train on my own. I didn’t want my little one to be scared and hungry all night or for it to be an emotionally traumatizing experience for him or for me. Tiffany was so supportive and understanding of our family and our needs. We set goals and met ALL of them. I am blown away at how much better our whole family is sleeping. My husband is sleeping in bed again after over a year of sleeping in our guest room!

Tiffany provides you with the tools to understand your baby and the support to be successful. She left and I felt completely confident in being able to follow through and stay consistent. She really cares about your family and you can tell she is passionate about what she does.

It has only been a few days since she left after staying with us for 72 hours and life is so much sweeter. I know it can only get better from here. Sleep training with Tiffany was worth every penny. My only regret is that we waited as long as we did to get started.- Shannon R


Tiffany was amazing! We were having such a difficult time with out four month old sleeping and napping as I was trying to go back to work. He had been a good sleeper and then hit that 3-4 month transition and I was having a hard time breaking bad sleep associations. Tiffany came over and really helped train us and the baby. I was really skeptical at first but after the second day I was sold. He went from waking up 4 - 5 times a night to sleeping all night long from 7 pm to 7 am and taking three naps a day. Our sleep routine takes 10 minutes at the most and he falls asleep by himself. Having Tiffany help us was so worth it. Even better is that now, during teething times, on vacation, or even when he is sick, he still sleeps really well. He is a happier and well rested and we are too.- Jennifer T

Tiffany was a dream come true...literally. We were struggling with a baby that struggled to sleep, couldn't put herself asleep to save her life and suffered from acid reflux. Tiffany was incredibly supportive. We had her come for 72 hours because we felt like we really needed it, and we did, but when she left our baby was putting herself to sleep, sleeping many more hours a day than ever before and was well on her way to sleeping through the night. That was over a month ago. Our baby only continued to become a better sleeper and Tiffany also made me feel as though she was there to support me when needed. She of course still has reflux, but is sleeping comfortably flat on her back and seldom ever fusses. I highly recommend hiring Tiffany!- Abigail S


I strongly recommend Birthing Stone Doula’s for sleep training.
I never planned to co-sleep, it was not right for me initially. I never planned to create a nursing to sleep association. So many things didn’t go as planned. Bwahaha. At 3 months I fell with my son in my arms and fractured my back. He was fine, the doctor said I fell perfectly to protect him, but I was hurt. I could not lift him in and out of his bassinet to nurse, like I had done since I brought him home. As a result we started co-sleeping and he would nurse to sleep. This was AMAZING for several months. My son was a super content baby and didn’t crawl or roll over much for a LONG time. Move forward to 15 months and he became a mover and shaker. Getting him to sleep took longer and he would wake up every hour from 7pm to 10 to nurse back to sleep. I was threadbare and exhausted. I was ready for a change.

I decided to sleep train on my own.  The first night of trying it alone was horrible! After 2 hours of my son crying, I was in tears. . .After a few minutes, I opened the door to check on him. I woke him up and he started crying again and didn’t stop till … I don’t remember it was so traumatizing.

I knew I could sleep train or manage my grieving grandma [who was living with me and couldn't stand CIO], but I couldn’t do both. I also knew I wanted someone in my home, supporting me 100%.
I called Tiffany at Birthing Stone.

After the 4 days of sleep training my son slept through the night in his crib, was napping in his crib, and for the most part self-weaned (nursing maybe once or twice a day). After a night or two of me getting 8 hours of sleep I actually started meditating and exercising again. I started to feel like me again. It was an incredible gift. It was expensive, but in hindsight SOOOO worth every penny! -Nancy O

Tiffany came to us when our baby was 8 months old. After his first round of teething and some travel, we lost all sense of routine and good sleep habits and we were losing our minds with sleep deprivation. Tiffany stayed with us for the full three days and guided us back to sanity with her gentle, firm, and very informative style of communication and teaching. She was comforting and clear with her directions and suggestions. We loved having her at our house for full time support and then appreciated the follow up calls and emails. It's been over a month now since she left and our baby sleeps through the night with two naps a day. When disruptions happen due to travel, sickness, or just mystery baby stuff, we feel confident using what we learned form Tiffany to respond and adjust as needed until things regulate again. We are so grateful for her help- Maia H.


A full night's rest.  You have no idea how important that is until you don't have that anymore.  When you have a baby, you fully expect to have some sleepless nights; that is just part of being a parent.  What I didn't except, was to not have a full night's sleep in over a year.  It was taking it's toll on my role as a wife and a mom.  I wasn't the person I wanted to be because I was so tired and stressed all the time, because my sleep was lacking.  We tired all types of books, doctor recommended websites, his pediatrician's advice, other parent's advice...we tried everything we could think of regarding how to get our little guy to sleep through the night.  FINALLY....we discovered sleep coaches.  FINALLY we found Tiffany and Birthing Stone Doula.

Tiffany actually will come and spend up to 72 hours with you and your baby.  She will observe and make notes and get your prepared for what to expect in the process of sleep training.  I was a little nervous about having a house guest for 3 days (while not sleeping much) and making the necessary preparations for that.  Let me tell you....she is easier than any person you will ever host.  She's almost invisible! She is there to help and not cause stress and that's exactly what she does.  So if you have reservations about her staying the night, don't.  You will be so happy you decided to do it.

Having someone there to ask questions or to hug when you start to cry because this is all a huge change, she is there for you.  I never felt uncomfortable or hesitant to ask even the dumbest of questions or tell her how I was feeling, no matter how silly I felt.  She felt like an old friend I could tell all my fears and hopes. She got us through the hardest parts of sleep training and celebrated our triumphs with us.  It was an amazing experience.

Our whole family is finally sleeping well and we are finally the happier family we all wanted to be,  Sleep is so important and I never knew how it could impact us as much as it has and does.  If you need help getting your little one to sleep, ask for help.  We are so grateful we did!- Tessa

We decided to hire a sleep coach as I was struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, and sleep was a trigger for me.  I liked the idea of having someone in our home, with us in the moment, instead of just available by phone or email.  Donna from Birthing Stone was great!  She was down to earth, approachable and we felt completely comfortable with her camped out on our couch all night (when does this woman sleep???)
Although upon first glance the cost seems prohibitive, it was worth it for our family.  We went from having our 4-month old need to be rocked and bounced to sleep for lengthy amounts of time to where we are today, with a 5 month old that we put down awake in his crib and he falls asleep.  It has been life changing for us, we now have time to ourselves in the evening and improved sleep for everyone in the house.  Maybe we could have gotten to this point on our own, but I highly doubt it!  It has definitely been a game-changer for us!- Kelly W

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